Where to Buy Clothes for Tradesman

Where can you buy construction work clothes?


Here at B Town Bengal we touch on all aspects of fashion attire, from children’s fashion to working men’s matches. In this article today we will discuss where you can buy construction clothes at a bargain.

The following list outlines the favorite clothing options by our contributor Aesthetic Tree & Hedge business:

Lumberjack Clothing

1. Traffic Control, safety & heavy duty

Artech Promotional Products & Wear is a solid choice when it comes to selections for safety vests and helmets. The store offers many constant sales with winter jacket as low as 75 dollars. A solid contender.

Tractor Supply Company is an online functional wear store based in the US. From over-alls as low as 80 dollars to high-visibility wears, this store is another good option for folks in the good old “get your hands dirty” kind of gigs.


2. Fisheries, Marine, Canning & All Weather

H H Work Wear has built a reputation for itself as an honest online resource for waterproof attire including bibs and jackets. Hey you don’t need to be in this industry to have a nice waterproof jacket that focuses on function rather than fashion. Shop here for a good bang for the buck of your fishing wear too.


Orvis is not your usual fishing store. It blends fashion and function, with a wide selection for our female enthusiasts. Prices are reasonable and watch out for those sales. Great customer service, a sweet find on the internet.


3. Construction, Steel & Lumber

Wolverine lives up to its name as a pioneer in providing high protective gears that actually look good. A pair of stylish steel-toed boots that you can wear on your grocery trips can be found for as low as 59.99 when on sale. Editor likes this store’s web layout, a rising star to keep on your favorite list.

P & F Workwear highlights the needs of women in the trades. From boots to upper wear, P & F Workwear takes care of our female friends in the industry, about time right? Safety boots and shoes have 90 days of return policy given that it is unworn. Great customer service I’ll tell you that.


4. Trees, Utilities & High Hazard

Finally we come to something dangerous.

Workrite Uniform Co. has a broad range of offerings for high hazard protective gears. From flame resistant lab coats to stretchy knit hood sock, this is an easy way to order equipment if you work on power lines or with fire.

Engelbert Strauss is a secret find for the editor. The store is based in German and products listed in Euros. You can count on German qualities. Minimalist style, made to last, but an interesting logo of an ostrich? Stang out from your colleagues with clothings from Engelbert Strauss.

Sherill Tree is the go-to store for our local tree professionals. This store specializes to serve arborists alike, with offering ranging from rigging to launching devices. Don’t hesitate to contact their support for help.



We hope you enjoy this compilation of some of the rare finds for work clothings. Of course, you can opt for the Walmart stuff, but just in case you are in the mood for some varieties, B-Town Bengal got you covered.