Industry trends- All the basics every fashion designer need to know


Fashion designing has the highest rank scope and is one of the most challenging profession nowadays. To stay ahead of the competition, fashion designers are struggling and finding every possible way to remain on the top. They are adopting the latest industry trends to move forward with the epitome of professionalism and gain maximum popularity. However, some designers are ready to face the challenges of marketing and take the entrepreneurial route by launching their self-made brand. While others take advantage of famous brands and inhibit their skills for other companies that often limits their creative scope.

With the growth of middle-class people globally, a lot of new industry trends have been introduced to provide accessibility to the new designers. eCommerce is one of the most favorable industry trend, that has been followed and accepted worldwide, setting numerous records. This platform is providing a coveted shelf to the young designers who lack the capital of purchasing and assisting them to survive in this challenging situation. Let’s debunk some major industry trends:

1.Growing Asian market

Massive growth is observed in numerous Asian countries market since the past few years. Designers can familiarize themselves with the trends of Asian markets and gear up their production. By contributing their talent to the growing Asian market, designers can thrive and prove themselves with their increasing visibility across the globe.

2.Empowerment of designers

Many manufacturing companies and eCommerce platforms have been paving the way for the designers as the product itself cannot be developed without a push of the manufacturing unit. These manufacturing units are empowering the designers to make the best use of their capabilities without any hassle of production and other manufacturing operations.

3.Role of Social media:

  Social media plays a vital role in the success of the brand. 20 percent of people get affected by social media in purchasing accessories. The consumer attracts and influenced by the posts on Instagram than other promoting strategies. It is easy for fashion designers to know about the needs of the consumer by getting online reviews of their new products. Now day’s consumers not only want new brands but also take an interest in the history of the brand.  The social media changes the ways of marketing; now, companies prefer to invest in the content marketing strategies. The brand with the story behind can build a stronger connection with their consumers. The fashion designers have a unique advantage f having the human story than big box retailers. The new designers must be aware of the social media sources and how to get information from them, and how to utilize that information in a useful way.

4.Fashion Tech:

In this era of technology, industry experts are aware of the importance of technology in the fashion sector. Around 50 percent of the millennial are using smartphones to get information about the product online and also check its reviews from the users before making the purchasing decision.  The fashion tech and mobile options are helping to improve brick and motor experiences for their consumers. The latest trends change the view of the fashion industry; this will bring designers closer to their customers. The technology will help the fashion designer to create the products according to the desires of their customers; this will lower the chances of product failure.