How Fashion Helps in Expressing Ourselves

History reveals that several external and internal priorities have influenced women across the world with regard to their clothing choices. There are many other obvious factors such as warmth and protection constituting reasons how and why a woman wears the dress she chooses in the morning. Clothing is a powerful way through which identity is communicated and expressed. Following are some of the compelling reasons behind women’s fashion and clothing selection.

Modesty the women jewelry

Modesty as a concept is different for every place but has played a conspicuous role in the choice of women in fashion. There was a time when women for maintaining social prestige were loath to show off legs and other body parts. In the United States of America there are no strict social policies on women regarding their choice of cloth they wear but other cultures uphold modesty in women’s fashion. As an example in Muslim culture, women are required to cover most of their body in public places.

Beauty is seduction

one reason women wear sultry black dress or choose suit matching their eye color is to appear attractive. As time passed the idea of beauty changed and tight skirts are no longer in use. Now the perception of beauty is of beauty is where women forego dresses with the view to impress others and they now choose clothing making them alluring. A clean black business suit with white shirt looks like a full-length formal gown. Sometimes right accessories offer seductive touch such as dangling earrings. Self-confidence also enhances female beauty.

How Fashion Helps in Expressing Ourselves

Status and image of respectability

The choice of female clothing are motivated by their status in a milieu as some dresses call attention of a specific group of people. Examples are the skirts worn by girls of college tennis team or the dress the members of African tribal royalty uses. Corporate executives and high-income career positions in the United States are often identified by the dress they wear.

Ceremonial dresses

Different forms of female fashion are meant for ceremonial occasions significant in their life. It can be the common attire for weddings and the gowns of ball society. Such dresses are classic and flashy or lifetime garments carrying special importance.

Trends in fashion

Latest fashion trends are followed by American women be it their hairstyle famous with celebrities. Their choice of clothing must match hairstyle recent color of the season.